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    Modeling good world relations

    Model United Nations students at ICS learn about the real thing from a chief negotiator

    ICS United Nations

    Have you ever wondered how negotiations at the United Nations actually take place? On January 12, the Model United Nations club at International Community School (ICS) got to do just that. ICS virtually hosted Rodney Hunter, Chief United States Negotiator in the United Nations (UN) Security Council. Hunter joined the students from his office in New York City with the Empire State Building in his background. Hunter is a career foreign service officer who has worked for presidents Bush, Obama, Trump and now Biden. Hunter talked about his strong commitment to work, to country and to protecting American citizens around the world. He shared that the most important part of his job as a diplomat is having a real effect on people’s lives globally. 

    Hunter engaged the club with stories of his international work, travel and diplomacy with other world leaders. The ICS Model United Nations students hosted a question and answer session. With every response, Hunter emphasized his optimism, empathy and value for hard work. He said that hard negotiations only work when there is mutual respect, and a large part of his role in the UN is relationship building. Hunter told the students that leadership is about transparency, accountability and empathy. He said that the United Nations (UN) has the power to support civil societies and the goal is to give everyone a voice. United States diplomats for the UN do a lot of work to maintain our leadership in the world. “The USA gets things done in the world by being a good partner,” Hunter said.