Am I Enough ENAEP video

The Eastside Native American Education Program celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day with a celebration held outside Lake Washington High School. They want to bring awareness to the 91 tribes in the program by asking “Am I Enough?"



    LWSD students excel at state technology conference

    WA TSA

    Lake Washington School District (LWSD) students had another successful showing at this year’s Washington Technology Student Association (TSA) state competition. About 60 students finished in the top three during the March 17-19 event in SeaTac, Wash. There are almost 11,000 TSA members in Washington state with 1,100 attending the conference to compete in 82 different events. The categories are judged by technology educators and industry representatives. The top three in each category automatically qualify for the national conference in Dallas, Texas, June 26-30.

    Here is a list of all the competitors who finished in the top three, along with their category and placing:

    Finn Hill / Environmental & Adventure Middle Schools

    • Gabriel Austin - 2nd place, STEM Animation
    • Varshini Chandrasekhar - 2nd place, Leadership Strategies      
    • Avni Chhabra - 2nd place, Digital Photography; 2nd place, Promotional Marketing     
    • Dhaani Kalathia -1st place, Digital Photography; 2nd place Leadership Strategies     
    • Lisa Kolosova - 3rd place, Children’s Stories      
    • Akchara Mukunthu - 2nd place, Leadership Strategies; 2nd place, Prepared Speech          
    • Grant Segesser - 3rd place, Forensic Technology          
    • Jack Segesser - 3rd place, Forensic Technology         
    • Ida Smith - 1st place, Promotional Marketing; 3rd place, Children’s Stories         
    • Yenna Yun - 1st place, Technical Design

    Kirkland Middle School 

    • Logan Schmidt - 3rd Place, CAD Foundations
    • Galal Eltaweel, Michael Burgin and Sidh Sridhar - 1st Place, Catapult design
    • Sarah Fortman and Dashiell Benson - 1st Place, Coding
    • Sofia De Looze - 3rd Place, Digital Photography
    • Dashiell Benson - 2nd Place, Dragster
    • Sarah Fortman - 3rd Place, Dragster
    • Karma Ibrahim - 3rd Place, Essays on Tech 
    • Tala Bikdash and Mahum Zaidi - 2nd Place, Fashion Design
    • Jerry Guo, Hugo Huang and Logan Schmidt - 1st Place, Junior Solar Sprint
    • Jacob Lee, Preston Hegouaburu, and Galal Eltaweel - 3rd Place, Junior Solar Sprint
    • Maya Blat-Phillips, Sofia De Looze and Karma Ibrahim - 3rd Place, Leadership Strategies
    • Finn Ostrum, Sidh Sridhar and Marlin Wong - 1st Place, Mechanical Engineering
    • Tala Bikdash, Maya Blat-Phillips and Karma Ibrahim - 1st Place, Medical Technology
    • Claire Dalton and Sarah Fortman - 1st Place, Microcontroller Design
    • Simon Rundle - 3rd Place, Microcontroller Design
    • Dashiell Benson, Naomi Benson, Tala Bikdash, Isabella Blackwelder, Maya Clouse and Mahum Zaidi - 2nd Place, Off the Grid
    • Vrinda Sankarakumar - 3rd Place, Off the Grid
    • Jerry Guo, Hugo Huang and Logan Schmidt - 1st Place, Robotics Challenge
    • Isobel Nather - 3rd Place, Structural Engineering
    • Jerry Guo, Hugo Huang and Logan Schmidt - 1st Place, Tech Bowl: STEM trivia bowl
    • Isobel Nather and Vrinda Sankarakumar - 2nd Place, Technical Design
    • Nick Janson and Dashiell Benson - 1st Place, Video Game Design
    • Preston Hegouaburu, Harrison Warrick, Jacob Lee and Galal Eltaweel - 2nd Place, Video Game Design
    • Finn Ostrum and Jack Harrison - 3rd Place, Video Game Design

    Juanita High School 

    • Dhruv Ashok - 3rd place, Cybersecurity; 1st place, Music Production 
    • Kendahl Burk - 3rd place, Cybersecurity 
    • Julia Cholewinska - 3rd place, Biotechnology Design 
    • Ritvij Garg - 3rd place, Career Prep; 3rd place, Biotechnology Design 
    • Aagney Iyer - 1st place, Music Production; 3rd place, Cybersecurity 
    • Eleanor Lynch - 1st place, Essays on Technology; 3rd place, Biotechnology Design 
    • Anaya Pandit - 3rd place, Biotechnology Design 
    • Bhavik Soni - 3rd place, Cybersecurity 
    • Kelsey (Qing Yang) Sun - 2nd place, Data Science and Analytics 
    • Christian Tarta - 3rd place, Biotechnology Design 
    • Grace Wang - 2nd place, Data Science and Analytics ; 3rd place, Biotechnology Design

    Tesla STEM High School 

    • Adhya Kona - 2nd place, Sci Vis     
    • Gaya Pillai, Rishika Gautam, Shivani Sama and Annie Adhikary - 2nd place, Engineering Design 
    • Anjana Punniamoorthy and Vasudha Narayanan - 2nd place, Board Games        
    • Anusha Sharma - 1st place, Children’s Stories    
    • Rishika Gautam - 1st place, Data Science and Analysis     
    • Mohit Soni - 1st place, Geospacial Tech