King County Green Schools recognizes LWSD Green Teams for perseverance in 2020-21

King County Green Schools recognizes LWSD Green Teams for perseverance in 2020-21
KCGC LWSD Green Teams 2020-21

While King County Green Schools did not hold a formal recognition ceremony for Green Teams during the 2020-21 school year, the program did want to encourage the Green Teams that continued to meet virtually.

These Green Teams in Lake Washington School District were recognized for their 2020-21 activities: 

  • John James Audubon Elementary School: Focused on energy conservation by creating “turn off the lights” signs for their school.
  • Ella Baker Elementary School: Started an outdoor school garden as well as an aeroponics system to grow vegetables indoors.
  • Emily Dickinson Elementary & Explorer Community School: Hosted a Virtual Curiosity Quest assembly to educate students about waste reduction, recycling and composting.
  • Environmental & Adventure School: Held regular virtual team meetings, selecting topics for research and reports. Made regular conservation announcements at all-school online meetings and conducted online green activities for EAS students, including an online carbon footprint survey and home waste survey. 
  • Juanita High School: The Green Team re-used plastic trash to create sculptures with a “coral reef” theme. Students wrote letters to legislators and the King County Council about environmental topics they were passionate about and taught Northstar Middle School students about ocean health.
  • Horace Mann Elementary School: Students participated in King County Green Schools Earth Month Challenge. 
  • Rosa Parks Elementary School: Based on the theme of waste reduction, students came up with slogans and posters for Earth Day. They also recorded video messages to the Earth and planted herbs and vegetables in the school Pea Patch. 
  • Timberline Middle School: The Green Team made informational videos for school announcements on topics such as reducing waste at Thanksgiving, using reusable water bottles, and choosing reusable bags. They also hosted a session to make crafts from recycled materials.

The LWSD Green Team has set a goal of reaching 75% school participation during the 2021-22 school year. Learn more about LWSD school Green Teams and King County Green Schools.

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