Keeping our student-athletes safe – March is National Athletic Training Month

    LWSD athletic trainers

    Athletic trainers are health care professionals recognized by the American Medical Association, Health Resources Services Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services as an allied health care professional who works with and collaborates with physicians. The services provided by athletic trainers include prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. 

    For National Athletic Training Month in March, Lake Washington School District would like to recognize the following athletic trainers at each of our four comprehensive high schools:

    • Ashley Hohmann, LAT, ATC (Eastlake High School)
    • Kayla Cunningham, LAT, ATC (Juanita High School)
    • Delaney Farmer, LAT, ATC (Lake Washington High School)
    • Keith Cross, LAT, ATC (Redmond High School)

    You can find these four athletic trainers hard at work on the sidelines of after-school sporting events, ensuring the safety of our young student-athletes. Whether the teams are winning or losing, the athletic trainer is there to manage the safety and wellbeing of our student-athletes.

    Our athletic trainers are like icebergs: you may only see 10% of what they do. You may see them on the sideline, stretching, taping, watching. But they do so much more. Athletic Trainers are there for rehabilitation of injuries, triage, medical care, concussion management, injury prevention and are educators and listeners. They provide health care for our student-athletes every day after school and during sporting events. 

    So, whether you are at a football game, weeknight soccer game, in the gym for a volleyball or wrestling match, or just around watching one of your kids as they practice throughout the week; know that your kids are being looked at and cared for by a licensed health care provider, the athletic trainer.