Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

Students across the district supported and celebrated sustainability efforts in their schools all week for Earth Day 2022.

Visit our Sustainability page to see year-round efforts around sustainability, conservation and recycling.

Alcott Elementary

Alcott pigs Earth Day 2022

The Alcott Green Team, with the support of the Alcott PTSA, has set up a program to collect food scrap waste at Alcott Elementary. For several weeks now, 22 classrooms across five grade levels and the Quest program are participating in their new “Table to Farm” program. Students have the opportunity to sort their left-over food scraps, that would normally end up in the trash, into a special bin that is collected daily and taken to teacher Melissa Tavares’s house for her two pigs to snack on. The program is helping repurpose an average of 13 pounds of food waste per day.


Franklin Elementary

Benjamin Franklin Elementary kindergartners celebrated Earth Day by writing about how they can help the environment, planting flowers on campus and working on art projects.

Franklin Earth Day Flower Planting


Juanita Elementary

Juanita Elementary asked students to find ways to be kind to the earth and make a plan to take action. A video was produced on how students and teachers were kind to the earth. Classes had art projects on what they could do to help out the earth.

Juanita Elementary Earth Day 2022


Kirk Elementary

Each student, staff and educator at Peter Kirk Elementary received an earth-shaped, wildflower seed paper to plant at home or at school, along with a handout illustrating 10 simple ways to be greener every day. In addition, students created a reusable yard sign filled with messages and images that can make a difference for our planet and planted it at the school.

Kirk Earth Day 2022


Kirkland Middle School

Kirkland Middle School has set out different activities for students to participate in for Earth Week. With help from the KiMS Green Team, students can participate in any of the following throughout the week: 

  • 4/18 – Meatless Monday + Earth Day Trivia 
  • 4/19 – Touch A Tree Tuesday 
  • 4/20 – Waste Less/ Wear Green Wednesday 
  • 4/21 – Lights Off! Thursday 
  • 4/22 – Earth Day Scavenger Hunt


McAuliffe Elementary

Students at McAuliffe Elementary are being asked to try and complete as many of the 10 tasks laid out in their Earth Month Challenge. Some of the tasks include using snack containers instead of disposable bags, turning off all the lights when leaving the room and bringing a reusable water bottle to school. Additionally, the McAuliffe PTSA is hosting a litter pickup event after school on April 20 to help beautify the school. During the first week of May, the school is hosting multiple events like Recycle Day and No Garbage Day.


Rose Hill Middle School

Sixth graders at Rose Hill Middle School have been working on a restoration project on campus throughout the school year. In the fall, they removed invasive plants species like Himalayan Blackberry and English Ivy from the restoration site. In December, they planted 600+ native plants! And now, for Earth Day, students spread mulch on the restoration site. The students are excited to celebrate Earth Day with a project that they have been invested in all year.

Rose Hill Middle School - Earth Day 2022


Sandburg Elementary/Discovery Community School

At Carl Sandburg Elementary/Discovery Community School, students were invited to enter into an Earth Day poster contest. There were over 50 submissions representing all our grade levels.

Sandburg students also spent their lunch hour on Earth Day sending messages on how to friendly to the earth. Student leaders passed out chalk and fellow students drew pictures and wrote message of hope about the earth.

Sandburg and DCS Earth Day 2022


Timberline Middle School

TMS Earth Day 2022

The Timberline Middle School Green Team taught a whole-school lesson during Pack Time (homeroom) on Monday, April 18, to launch ‘Green Week’. This is the school’s main push to improve their waste sorting so that they can become a King County Level 1 Green School this year and bring composting to the school by the end of the year.

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