Teacher Appreciation

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We want to recognize and honor all our outstanding teachers who are the heart and soul of education. Thank you, teachers, for working hard each and every day to elevate our students to become successful in school and beyond. We celebrate you today and every day!


The lists are out and Lake Washington School District (LWSD) musicians are major players for this year’s musical honor groups. On even school years, the Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) choses students from across the state from Middle School to High School to participate in WMEA State Honors Music Groups. Sixty-nine high schoolers and 55 middle schoolers come from LWSD schools this year.

Earth Day 2022

Students across the district supported and celebrated sustainability efforts in their schools all week for Earth Day 2022.

Visit our Sustainability page to see year-round efforts around sustainability, conservation and recycling.



    2021 Lake Washington School District Culinary Competition

    Culinary competition 2021

    COVID safety protocols led to a different looking Lake Washington School District (LWSD) Culinary Competition this year. The event took place virtually with students cooking from their own kitchens. Instead of just putting together a dish in front of judges, contestants were asked to document their recipe and cooking abilities in a PowerPoint presentation. Middle school students competed in two categories, desserts and appetizers. High school contestants created recipes in sweet and savory categories. A total of 113 entries were accepted this year that showcased the great culinary talents of LWSD students. 

    Here were the winning entries: 

    High School – Sweet: First place:

    • Andrea Wu, Redmond High School, Macarons

    High School - Savory: Three-way tie for first place:

    • Graham Van Niman, Redmond High School, Lambchops with Potato Puree, Roasted Carrots and Pomegranate Glaze
    • Tanvi and Vihan Dalvi, Redmond High School, Beef Wellington
    • Ashley Freedman, Lake Washington High School, Squash Gorgonzola Cappelleti

    Middle School – Appetizer: Four-way tie for first place:

    • Radha Shriram, Evergreen Middle School, Galub Jamun Fusion Cake
    • Kiera Merrigan, Evergreen Middle School, Almond Bar Raspberry Mousse Pistachio Ganache
    • Julie Chea, Rose Hill Middle School, Charcuterie Board Cake
    • Daniel Hodgson, Rose Hill Middle School, Chocolate Sampler

    Middle School – Dessert: Two-way tie for first place:

    • Ananya Gadepalli, Rose Hill Middle School, Mango Panna Cotta
    • Violet Otte, Kirkland Middle School, Vanilla Meringue Cake