Marwan El-Rukby '17, Amin Shaykho '16, Dani Shaykho '20

Marwan El-Rukby '17, Amin Shaykho '16, Dani Shaykho '20
Kadama Team

The current COVID-19 pandemic put online and mobile learning technologies at the forefront. That’s why three LWSD alumni turned their multi-services phone app into a tutoring service, and it has paid dividends. Amin Shaykho, Lake Washington High School ’16, Marwan El-Rukby, Redmond High School ’17, and Dani Shaykho, Lake Washington High School ’20, created the app called Kadama. Not only has the app helped attract millions of followers and customers, but it has also helped the team raise $1.7 million in seed money for their company.

The three alumni graduated from the UW Jones+Foster Accelerator Program in 2020. According to its website, the program helps early-stage, student-led companies through those decisive first six months. “(While in the Accelerator program is) …when we noticed the massive spike of students using social media during the pandemic,” said Amin Shaykho. “We started creating viral, thrilling and fun educational videos to grow our app’s user base.”

The success of Kadama has led to appearances on multiple regional and national publications and television channels. The team plans on using the money to grow its staff alongside plans of a new headquarters for the company. You can learn more about the company at


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