Katya Rukhlinskaia

An International Community School student is the 2019-20 winner of the sixth annual Washington State Zine Contest. Katya Rukhlinskaia, who is now in eighth grade, won for grades 7-9 for her “Tribes: The Cowlitz” zine entry.


When schools closed in March, the traditional end-of-year band concerts that showcase a year’s worth of practice and progress were effectively canceled. Rose Hill Middle School (RHMS) Band Instructor, Angela Laulainen got creative during the remote learning period and had her students record their parts at home.



    Travel in numbers – seven teams from Evergreen Middle School compete in world robotics contest

    Evergreen Middle School at Vex International

    Seven teams from Evergreen Middle School traveled to this year’s Vex Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Ky. April 28-30. Four of the teams won different awards while Team 47U: Disco Botz ranked the highest at number five.

    The teams competed at the international event after winning at regionals. The competition brought more than 30,000 people, including more than 1,650 teams, from 40 nations. It was a week-long celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), diversity, and robotics. 

    VEX Robotics Competitions involve student teams tasked with designing and building a robot to play against other teams in a game-based engineering challenge. Students use classroom STEM concepts to learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communication and more.

    Here is a list of the team names, participants and awards the team won:

    47U: Disco Botz – Sarvesh Senthil, Harini Vijeyanandh, Varun Senthil and Arjun Cheema  - fifth place in the skills challenge, winners of the Innovation Award

    47G: Mechanical Dragons – Helena Zheng, Kelly Lin, Chengying Li and Elizabeth Chen – winners of the Design Award

    47B: Robotic Frappuccino – Kaaviya Uthirapandian, Rithani Saravankumar, Ria Mohan and Nithya Sangameswaran, winners of the Think Award

    47A: Circuit Breakers – Dhruv Bansal, Purab Shah, Anjali Sreenivas, and Ian Lam – second place in the Teamwork Award 

    84F: 5-Ton Cereal Box – Brianna Ong, Vicky Ye, and Elizabeth Leung

    47C: Universal Fighters – Amanda Huang, Tvishi Ahluwalia and Katelynn He

    47M: VEXellent – Indu Arimilli, Yashwanth Krishna Devanaboina, Akash Savitala, Piya Modalavalasa, and Kashvi Pundir