Timberline middle school selected as regional winner of 29th annual ExploraVision competition

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    Lake Washington School District is pleased to announce a team from Timberline Middle School (TMS) was selected as one of the regional winners of the 29th annual ExploraVision program. This is the largest K-12 science competition designed to build problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills. Team Project: LAMP (The Localized Alzheimer’s Microneedle Patch), from TMS, will advance to the national phase of the competition, where participants will have a chance to win $10,000 in savings bonds and other great prizes. 

    According to a press release from the competition organizers, the Localized Alzheimer’s Microneedle Patch (LAMP) is a technology that contains a cocktail of soluble inhibitors and antibodies that are absorbed through the skin. LAMP identifies beta-amyloid in its early, soluble stages and stops its growth in advance to halt the toxic plaques' formation, as well as cleaving the insoluble plaques which have already developed. Utilizing transdermal delivery and localization unique to this technology, LAMP is user-centric, painless and lessens side effects. LAMP works quickly and efficiently to ensure that every patient wins the race against time that is Alzheimer’s Disease. 

    ExploraVision participants were invited to consider the future and imagine a technology that might exist 20 years from now. Using real scientific research, students outlined methods to plan and test their ideas. In the next phase of competition, the winning regional teams will be asked to build webpages and short videos to communicate and exhibit their ideas to the public.  

    This year’s regional winners include innovative ideas ranging from technology toothbrushes to a novel and more cost-effective approach to launch space rockets using reusable electromagnetic repulsion systems.

    In the next phase of competition, the 23 regional winners, including the team from Timberline Middle School, will advance to the national level. The winner of the national stage will be announced on April 21, 2021.  

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