When schools closed in March, the traditional end-of-year band concerts that showcase a year’s worth of practice and progress were effectively canceled. Rose Hill Middle School (RHMS) Band Instructor, Angela Laulainen got creative during the remote learning period and had her students record their parts at home.



    Most important meal of the day – Students rewarded with pancake breakfast at Finn Hill Middle School

    Finn Hill Middle School Pancake Breakfast

    Hungry scholars were given a tasty reward recently at Finn Hill Middle School. Students earning a GPA of 3.3 or higher, or who have raised their GPA by a full point, were treated to a pancake breakfast at school on February 22. Parents and staff helped prepare and serve more than 1,000 pancakes to 345 students. Of those 345 students invited to the breakfast, 23 raised their GPA by one point.

    Finn Hill Middle School principal Victor Scarpelli started mixing up the batter the night before. Armed with spatulas and griddles, parents took over the culinary classroom for two hours the morning of the breakfast. They didn’t stop making pancakes until the last drop of batter was poured. The volunteers also mixed almost 35 pounds of hot chocolate to go with the pancakes.