Math just got a little easier – Timberline student publishes book about learning math

    Peanut and the Math Mystery cover

    Math is one of those subjects in school where children learn at different speeds. Eva Sharma, rising eighth grader at Timberline Middle School, wrote a book about this experience. Her book, entitled “Peanut and the Math Mystery,” is about a girl named Peanut who does not like math. She has a hard time on her tests and feels discouraged about the subject. Peanut reaches out to her teacher for help, and her teacher shares a trick to learning math more easily and she sets off on an adventure looking to solve a mystery. 

    “Eva's book focuses on the idea that struggling doesn't mean you're not good at what you're doing, but that perhaps you just learn differently than others,” said Eva’s father Vinod. 

    Mr. Sharma also said that Eva learned about a special math trick and ever since she has been able to look at math problems as mysteries, and that has helped her learn. Eva is planning on donating the proceeds of her book sales to support kids in Ukraine. 

    You can find this book in paperback and digital on Amazon