Kamiakin ELL students gain confidence with Cougar Tank inventions

    Cougar Tank participantsSeventh-grader Luc Harman likes the game osu! – an open-source rhythm game. But playing the game can get complicated with only a keyboard and mouse. He designed his own controller for Kamiakin Middle School’s “Cougar Tank” in his Advanced ELL class. His design won first place in the competition. Ashley Aguirre won second place and Erick Trujillo won third place.

    Cougar Tank is an inventor competition modeled after ABC’s “Shark Tank.” ELL teacher Meena Nair came up with the idea for Cougar Tank while teaching the class about famous inventors. She said the project helps build students’ confidence. They explain their inventions to the judges (four Kamiakin Middle School teachers) and describe how they came up with the idea. They also illustrated how it fulfills a need for themselves or a family member.