Finn Hill Middle School’s fresh take on curriculum night

Finn Hill Middle School’s fresh take on curriculum night
Falcon Fest

Staff at Finn Hill Middle School put a new spin on their traditional curriculum night with their first ever Falcon Fest on October 18. The event welcomed the entire Finn Hill community and featured food trucks and parent education sessions on a wide range of topics. Topics included a Q&A for multi-language students, helping your middle schooler stay organized and preparing for high school.

Principal Jennifer Cleaves on the success of the event: 

“I want to thank all of the people who came to our first Falcon Fest night. To be honest, since we'd never done an event like this before, we had no idea how many people would attend. We were blown away. It was so great to see so many families on campus building connections within our Finn Hill community and for teachers to be able to provide family education sessions in their classrooms. One thing that made this event different than a traditional curriculum night was the presence of students, their siblings (past and future Falcons), and family members. I got to meet entire Falcon families, including aunties, uncles and Meemaws! We were so grateful to be able to welcome all of the Finn Hill community into our school!”

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