Author Terry Brooks inspires eighth-graders at Stella Schola Middle School

    Terry Brooks at Stella Schola

    Eighth-graders at Stella Schola Middle School received a rare visit with renowned fantasy-fiction author Terry Brooks on January 22. The students had been reading one of his books, Magic Kingdom for Sale, part of the Landover series, and were delighted to have him speak about his books and the writing process.

    Terry Brooks at Stella Schola

    Students listened with rapt attention as Mr. Brooks recounted his writing journey, peppering his lecture with childhood stories and humorous anecdotes. “Once you find your voice and what works for you as a writer, you have to work hard every time you write a new book,” he said. Smiling, Mr. Brooks continued by telling students that the odds of being published are, “the same as me being Brad Pitt!” After laughing with them, he followed up his joke with “but really, don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do something.  If you love to write, then write!”  He advised students that to be good at something they needed to practice a lot, constantly critique their work and work hard.   

    The students asked many questions and then had their copies of Landover signed.  Mr. Brooks took time to individually speak with each student before signing their book.  “The students really connected with him,” Stella Schola teacher Brigitte Tennis said.  “It’s a two-way street – the students have inspired Mr. Brooks, and he has certainly inspired a whole new generation!”