LWHS Green Team

Kangs can compost, fill a reusable water bottle, recycle, ride a bike instead of driving, buy used clothes, take shorter showers and turn off the lights. These ideas were included in videos submitted by the Green Team at Lake Washington High School and published on the ASB Instagram page.



    What a relief! Redmond High students team with non-profit to swap AP review guides for COVID-19 donations

    Review for Relief

    Three high school students from Redmond High School (RHS) have discovered a unique opportunity to help others study and raise money for COVID-19 relief. RHS juniors Dania Ahmed, Ashley Chiu and Emily Deng found themselves wanting to help once schools were closed to in-person learning. They originally intended to create review sheets for upcoming AP tests to help students study, but now it is something much bigger. The three have started a youth-led nonprofit organization called Review for Relief. The team has put together additional study guides for AP students in exchange for a donation to global COVID-19 relief efforts. ⠀⠀⠀

    Review for Relief has officially partnered with Direct Relief. The global nonprofit organization has already donated two million dollars in the fight against COVID-19. Direct Relief is a large organization with locations in 80+ countries and all 50 states.

    The influence of Review for Relief is already starting to spread. The group has already branched out into ten different states with sixty contributors helping with the project. The nonprofit founders point to inspiration from work they have done in class. 

    “The support of the teachers in LWSD is phenomenal,” the group said. “We can’t thank them enough for encouraging us along the way!”

    Review for Relief has already raised $5,000 through their GoFundMe page. You can find more information on their new website or on Instagram (@reviewforrelief). The three RHS juniors plan to work on finals review sheets in coming years as well as review guides for the SAT, SAT Subject and ACT.