Providing care – LWSD celebrates school athletic trainers for National Athletic Training Month 2024

Providing care – LWSD celebrates school athletic trainers for National Athletic Training Month 2024
Athletic Training MOnth

March is National Athletic Training Month, a month dedicated to honoring and celebrating the valuable contributions of athletic trainers. The theme this year is “From Head to Toe.” This month provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the individuals who play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of athletes for Lake Washington School District (LWSD). At LWSD, we are proud to recognize and appreciate the dedicated athletic trainers who serve each of our four comprehensive high schools. Their expertise, commitment and tireless efforts not only contribute to the success of our athletic programs but also promote a culture of health, safety and excellence. Join us as we acknowledge and applaud the remarkable impact of athletic trainers in keeping our athletes in top form so our student-athletes can continue playing the sports they are so passionate about.
Meet the athletic trainers from each of our comprehensive high schools:

Eastlake High School
My name is Ashley Hohmann and this is my fourth school year working with the Eastlake Wolves. I’ve been a certified athletic trainer for almost 10 years after graduating from James Madison University in 2014. Some of my favorite things about working at Eastlake include the students, the school spirit and the general well-received culture that has been cultivated here. I enjoy the acute care, on-the-field nature of my job the most. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with high school students and getting to know so many different athletes and coaches. Outside of work, I enjoy being outside running, hiking, gardening and spending time with my husband, toddler and our two dogs.

Juanita High School
My name is Kayla Cunningham and this is my sixth year as the Athletic Trainer at Juanita High School. As a healthcare professional providing care to almost 500 Raven athletes, I see and deal with a lot of injuries. From evaluation, prevention and rehabilitation to emergency care and concussion management; I am always busy, but I truly love it! I really enjoy the variety that each day brings and watching my athletes compete and succeed at something they love is so rewarding. I have such a passion for young people and sports, being a part of the athletic department at JHS is so fulfilling! Outside of work, I enjoy watching crime documentaries, napping and chasing sunsets. Go Ravens!

Redmond High School
I’m Shauna Delaney and this is my first full school year here at Redmond High School. I started in January of 2023. I’ve been Certified for over 10 years after graduating from the University of Montana in 2013. I started my career in the Industrial setting before coming to the high school setting in late 2016. My favorite part of working at Redmond is helping morph athletes into future adults. Being one of the few adults in their lives who are not asking them to perform but just be themselves. Outside of work I enjoy knitting/crocheting and going on hikes.

Lake Washington High School
My name is Delaney Farmer, graduate of Washington State University (Go Cougs) and have been a practicing Athletic Trainer for 16 years, 13 of them at LWHS. I’ve also been a licensed massage therapist for 27 years and run my own sports massage. Over the years I have developed so many memories with my athletes. Working with their enthusiasm for the sport they love to play is my guiding compass. Watching these students grow as athletes and individuals from their freshman years to senior years is just a pleasure to witness. Working as LWHS’s Athletic Trainer is not work, but my daily passion and I am blessed to work for a great school. Outside of work, I get to travel and work with our USA Track & Field, Racquetball, Ultimate Frisbee and Diving teams, and bring those experiences and stories back to my athletes.

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