LWSD students perform well at science and engineering fair

LWSD students perform well at science and engineering fair
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Several Lake Washington School District students came home with an award after the 2019 Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF). The annual fair took place March 29-30 in Bremerton, Wash. The WSSEF works to create enthusiasm in science and technology while encouraging project-based inquiry. The WSSEF is also a chance for students to compete for college scholarships, awards and other exciting prizes. More than $1,000,000 in scholarships and prizes were awarded in 2018 to “Promote Future Scientists & Engineers."

Some participants from Nikola Tesla STEM High School had an especially successful weekend at the WSSEF. Four Tesla STEM students were part of a small group considered for the WSSEF Grand Champion Premiere Awards. Because of their high scores, each of the four students has been invited to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix, Ariz. May 11-17. 

Here is a list of some of the winners from WSSEF and their awards:

WSSEF 2019 Grand Champion Premiere Awards

  • Manasvini Calmidi, Tesla STEM, Grand Medallion Champion (Bronze)
  • Anirudh Iyer, Tesla STEM, WSSEF Finalist
  • Elisabeth Berger, Tesla STEM, Student Observer
  • Aadi Dalia, Tesla STEM, Student Observer

WSSEF Best of Grade Category Awards

  • Samriddhi Kandaswamy, Redmond Elementary, second grade
  • Charlotte Gruian, Inglewood Middle School, sixth grade

WSSEF School of the Year Awards

  • Redmond Elementary School, grades 1-3

WSSEF First Place Trophy

  • Kristin Acheson, Tesla STEM
  • Rachel Alwan, Tesla STEM
  • Aakarsh Balla, Redmond Middle School
  • Arundhati Basu, Tesla STEM
  • Elisabeth Berger, Tesla STEM
  • Sohil Bhatia, Redmond Middle School
  • Manasvini Calmidi, Tesla STEM
  • Aadi Dalia, Tesla STEM
  • Neha Dalia, Eastlake High School
  • Annie Denton, Tesla STEM
  • Desh Dhingra, Tesla STEM
  • Hemant Dhokia, Tesla STEM
  • Suraj Dhulipalla, Eastlake High School
  • Aditi Ekbote, Tesla STEM
  • Mathias Foster, Tesla STEM
  • Nitisha Gautam, Tesla STEM 
  • Anika Ghelani, Tesla STEM 
  • Audrey Gruian, Eastlake High School
  • Charlotte Gruian, Inglewood Middle School
  • Nina Gupta, Tesla STEM
  • Toma Itagaki, Tesla STEM
  • Anirudh Iyer, Tesla STEM
  • Vidhi Jain, Tesla STEM
  • Samriddhi Kandaswamy, Redmond Elementary 
  • Romanpreet Kaur, Tesla STEM
  • Anuj Krovvidi, Inglewood Middle School
  • Madison Messina, Tesla STEM
  • Mychal Miller, Tesla STEM
  • Sunya Mohammed, Tesla STEM
  • Van Monday, Tesla STEM
  • Varshan Muhunuthan, Tesla STEM
  • Isha Murali, Tesla STEM
  • Eden Netz, Tesla STEM
  • Rachel Oommen, Tesla STEM
  • Thiago Sardenberg, Inglewood Middle School
  • Parbeen Sekhon, Tesla STEM
  • Siddharth Shende, Tesla STEM
  • Rhea Shinde, Tesla STEM
  • Varun Sridhar, Tesla STEM
  • Roshni Srikanth, Tesla STEM
  • Tarini Srikanth, Tesla STEM
  • Tristan Stevens, Tesla STEM
  • Marton Teichner, Tesla STEM
  • Brandon Vanhaltren, Louisa May Alcott Elementary
  • Ajeet Venkatesh, Evergreen Middle School
  • Siddharth Vijay, Redmond High School
  • Maxwell Wang, Tesla STEM
  • Callie Wharton, Tesla STEM
  • Sebastian Wick, Tesla STEM
  • Christine Ye, Eastlake High School

Visit the WSSEF website for a list of WSSEF 2019 Special Awards.


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