LWSD dance teams shine

    LWSD Dance Teams

    Dance teams from Eastlake High School (EHS), Lake Washington High School (LWHS) and Redmond High School (RHS) scored high marks at a December dance competition held at Hazen High School.

    EHS placed second in all three categories they competed in (hip hop, pom and dance) with scores that qualify them for competition in the district level. EHS is excited to host their annual dance competition on February 1.

    LWHS earned first place in the military and pom categories, highest overall score and a first-place finish for Junior Anna Lewis in the Drill Down Competition. Coaches praised the team for continuing to improve their scores and the incredible support they provide one another.

    RHS placed first in the dance category and achieved their highest score ever in a season opening. The team is also hosting a competition on Saturday, January 18 in the RHS main gym.