LWHS students legislate to ban pricing discrimination

LWHS students legislate to ban pricing discrimination
LWHS capitol visit SB 5171

Students in Lake Washington High School’s AP US Government & Politics classes get first-hand experience in the legislative process. As part of the class, students crafted Senate Bill (SB) 5171, which bans gender-based price discrimination on similar products. For example, products like backpacks, bicycle helmets and clothing that cost more if they are marketed to women versus if they are marketed to men. Items that are not comparable to each other would not be affected by this bill. The classes are taught by Bethany Shoda and Michael Dawson. Students researched similar legislation in other states and pitched their idea to state senators to find co-sponsors of their bill. Senator Manka Dhingra, who represents Redmond in the 45th Legislative District, agreed to co-sponsor the bill. Students went to Olympia in early January to drop their bill into the “hopper” to introduce it to the legislature. The group was also given a private tour of the capitol and Senator Dhingra’s office. Next steps for the students include testifying in front of legislative committees.

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In 2020-21, LWHS students worked to help pass House Bill 1273, which provides free menstrual products to middle and high school students in on-campus restrooms.

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