LWHS student receives a Red Cross lifesaving award for saving a child

LWHS student receives a Red Cross lifesaving award for saving a child

Back in December, Dominic Lucarelli, a student from Lake Washington High School (LWHS), was honored with a Lifesaving Award for Professional Responders from the American Red Cross. He was recognized for saving a four-year-old girl as a lifeguard over the summer at the Strattonwood Swim Club in Redmond. 

At the time, Dominic was holding another child during swim class. It is unclear how the 4-year-old child fell into the pool, but when Dominic noticed she was unconscious underwater, he quickly swam to her, took her out of the pool and immediately performed CPR to bring her back. 

In attendance at the award ceremony was Dominic’s family, as well as the rescued child’s father. She was unable to attend the service but was able to take part in the event along with her mother through a video chat. 

Her father said she has fully recovered since the day Dominic saved her life. In fact, the two have formed a special bond now. 

As for Dominic, he hopes to return to the Strattonwood Swim Club as a lifeguard next year before heading off to college in the fall.

“Lake Washington High School is proud of Dominic Lucarelli,” said Christine Bell, LWHS Principal. “It is one thing to be trained in life-saving techniques and to have a role in supporting youth in our community and an entirely different thing to use your skills in the moment to save a life. Dominic is not boastful about this feat. If it was not for his director, we would not know. It is an honor to work with this young man. He is an inspiration to us all.”

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