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Fifty teams from across the state traveled to Lake Washington High School for this year’s Washington State VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) Championship on March 13. Twelve spots were open to teams who wanted to move onto the next big competition. Out of those 12 spots, six teams with LWSD students secured their position at the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas, May 5-7, 2022.



    Go Baby Go project helps kids with Cerebral Palsy

    A group of freshman from Nikola Tesla STEM High School is helping kids with Cerebral Palsy move around a little easier. As part of their end of year project, this team partnered with a program by the name of Go Baby Go. It is a program that provides modified, ride-on cars to young children with disabilities so they can move around independently. Smaller wheelchairs for toddlers are very expensive and they grow out of them quickly. These altered cars are much more affordable and allow toddlers to have independent functional mobility, which is really important for their cognitive development. This project doesn’t just benefit the kids who have Cerebral Palsy. The group of student’s advisor says that these freshman are taking a problem based learning unit and turning it into something that is more real for them. 

    Learn more about the Go Baby Go program.