Eastlake High students flex their social media skills in digital marketing course

    EHS and CTE Social Media

    In today’s digital world, businesses and organizations are turning to social media to connect them with their customers, increase awareness about their branding, boost sales and more. Social media marketing skills have become a high demand talent and an integral component to a company’s success. That’s why Eastlake High School (EHS) is exposing students to this career path in a popular Digital Marketing and Social Media course, as part of a Business and Marketing Program pathway. It is one of many Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses offered in Lake Washington School District (LWSD). Students are exploring marketing careers while gaining 21st century skills to prepare them for the global workforce.
    The course is taught by Christina Stevens at EHS, and Mariah Kraus at Lake Washington High School (LWHS). Using an online simulation, students assume the role of a “social media marketing manager” for a fictitious company. They learn the fundamentals of marketing concepts and how to leverage platforms to create a successful social media presence.

    During a six-week simulation, students analyze weekly marketing goals and make decisions on how to allocate a weekly budget to curate posts. They focus on different target audiences for various social media platforms. The simulation mimics a content scheduling app, which teaches students how to schedule their content and then measure the effectiveness by evaluating key performance indicators through analytics reports.

    The course also has a professional development component that encourages students to further explore business and marketing careers, including career interviews and job shadowing.

    LWSD offers six different-state approved CTE programs. Within each program, there are 16 nationally recognized career clusters. These courses integrate academics with technical skill development to help prepare students for higher-level courses in college and for high demand, high skill, high wage jobs. Middle schools and high schools offer a wide range of CTE courses. To learn how you can take a CTE course, check out your local school catalog.