Eastlake High School hosts Indian Cultural Night

Eastlake High School hosts Indian Cultural Night
EHS Indian Cultural Night Collage

Diwali is the biggest, most celebrated festival of India. Also known as the “Festival of Lights,” the celebration last up to five days. On the third day, the key custom of the festival takes place. People light diyas (lamps) and candles around their house, exchange heartfelt gifts with family, friends and colleagues and enjoy grand feasts with delicious food and sweets. 

At Eastlake High School (EHS), students from Indian Student Association (ISA) brought the Diwali celebrations to their school during their first-ever Indian Cultural Night. A school cafeteria by day, a soiree by night, the event came alive with flameless candles, Indian food, and henna arts and crafts and a line-up of cultural music and dance performances. All students and teachers were invited to join the traditions and activities, dating as far back as 2,500+ years ago. Many even dressed up in traditional Indian clothing!

“Eastlake is known for its immense diversity,” said Jyoti Bawa, EHS Teacher and ISA Advisor. The Indian Student Association strives to add to this rich culture by representing the Indian community and reaching out to students across campus. Their goal is to spread awareness about the Indian culture and to encourage students to see the beauty in diversity.

ISA is open to all EHS students interested in learning and celebrating the Indian American culture. Learn more by visiting the Eastlake High School website.

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