Comfort food – LWSD students participate in 7th Annual High School Culinary Competition

    HS Culinary Competition

    In January, six high school teams in Lake Washington School District competed in the 7th Annual High School Culinary Competition. The teams put their cooking skills to the test as they went head-to-head in a challenge that makes them think outside of the box, while producing a tasty meal all under an hour and a half. The young chefs were given four ingredients to use: chicken, potatoes, leeks and carrots. Teams were judged on their cooking skills, knife skills, use of ingredients and creativity. Here is the list of winners: 

    First place
    Jason Pham and Mia Pekez, Lake Washington High School  

    Second place 
    Morgan Lee and Maria StrathyLake Washington High School  

    Third place 
    Iris Arnan and Artem MelnikLake Washington High School