What a technical world: students create robots in preparation for a future in the workforce

Students at Redmond High School come into their Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) course with little to no programming skills. By the time they leave, students are creating working robots. The robots are so advanced that students use their own phones to control the machines via Bluetooth technology. Students organize friendly competitions for their robots. Soccer and racing are a couple of the categories the robots are designed to participate in.

Learning robotics provides students with hands-on practical knowledge of electronic devices. The devices are controlled by microprocessors. Students receive the skills to make such devices work. They learn to design and build machines that detect their surroundings, move, make noise, play music, communicate and respond to remote control. A lot is learned throughout the course and students have a blast creating their projects.

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month. Thousands of LWSD students participate in CTE programs for authentic and meaningful experiences. CTE courses, such as Computer Science and Engineering, increase student engagement and achievement. Business and industry leaders report rising challenges related to the skills gap. The goal is to connect qualified professionals with available careers in critical and growing CTE-related fields.

Approximately 6,373 LWSD students participate in 129 different career and technical education course options. The district has 88 career and technical education teachers. Learn more about CTE in LWSD.