With all their heart – several LWSD elementary schools raises nearly $80,000 for American Heart Association

    AHA Kids Heart Challenge

    Elementary schools across the district raised thousands of dollars in the recent Kids Heart Challenge. The event is hosted by the American Heart Association’s (AHA). PE teachers at each of the participating schools recently rolled out the challenge to their students. The students responded by raising $79,997. This event took place between February 24 and March 10. 

    Eight schools took on the challenge this year. Each individual school raised at least $3,600 and had more than 50 participants. In all, 945 students were able to raise a money as part of the challenge, 

    According to the AHA website, as Kids Heart Challenge Heart Heroes, students will meet kids with special hearts and raise funds for the health of all hearts. They’ll also get moving with fun activities, learn about keeping their hearts and brains healthy and feel great for helping others.

    Below are the results of each of the challenges. Included in the list is the name of the school, how much they raised and the number of participants:

    • Ben Franklin Elementary - $13,568, 125 participants
    • Christa McAuliffe Elementary - $6,792, 59 participants
    • Ella Baker Elementary - $18,172, 193 participants
    • Lakeview Elementary - $9,642, 74 participants
    • Louisa May Alcott Elementary - $10,901, 198 participants
    • Samantha Smith Elementary - $17,244, 239 participants
    • Wilder Elementary - $3,678, 57 participants