Social media influencer – Baker Elementary teacher gains online following for creative, informative virtual classes

    Garrett Talcott

    You know you are doing something right if you have two million social media likes and are being featured on national news networks. That is exactly what is happening for Ella Baker Elementary teacher Garett Talcott. Talcott was recently featured on ABC World News, local TV station KING 5 news and elsewhere for creative ways to teach his students virtually. Some of these unique ways to teach lessons have included going on a virtual field trip to Woodland Park Zoo, pretending like the class is on a roller coaster, erupting model volcanoes and more. Videos captured by Talcott’s partner during these lessons have been uploaded to social media site Tik Tok, where his account has received more than two million likes. In addition, Talcott’s social media accounts have more than 100,000 followers combined. His trip to the Woodland Park Zoo has been viewed more than 800,000 times so far. 

    “We’re all going through different feelings and emotions,” said Talcott in an interview with KING 5. “So, when I get on there, whether I’ve had enough sleep or I’m ready or not ready, BOOM! The moment I hit that live button I have to be ready and there for those students and make sure it’s the best day of their life.” 

    Check out the story about Talcott on KING 5’s website