Rockwell students write notes of appreciation to city workers  

    Rockwell Thank Yous


    Students at Rockwell Elementary spent time this spring writing notes of appreciation to share just how grateful they are to City of Redmond workers. Students thanked the workers for continuing to work during the global pandemic. 

    “I am very grateful that you are still working and keeping our town’s trees and shrubs trimmed,” wrote one student to the Parks and Recreation Department. “You are keeping us and our environment safe. I want you to know that we appreciate all your efforts and that you are doing amazing work. I hope that you feel noticed and have a fantastic day.” 

    “Thank you for helping our city be a better place,” said another student who wrote to the Public Works Department. “Our city would not be this good without you. Thank you so much for all these amazing things [that] you do for us.” 

    Rockwell Principal Michael Clark collected two huge bags of notes, which have been mailed to the City of Redmond. 

    “I’m really proud of our students for showing their appreciation to our City of Redmond parks and public works employees, people who are working hard to keep our city safe and running smoothly,” said Principal Clark. “These folks are often contacted when there is a problem or an emergency, so we wanted to send some kindness their way in true ‘Beagle’ style. Thank you from all of us at Rockwell!”