Rockwell receives an autographed painting from famed artist  

    Galieote painting at Rockwell Elementary

    Norman Rockwell Elementary received a signed copy of the “Freedom From Want” painting from Danny Galieote, a prominent artist who re-created Norman Rockwell paintings to represent the current cultural and social transformation in America today. The original painting by Rockwell is considered one of the most iconic paintings of the 20th century. 

    In the March 6, 1943 edition, the painting depicts a group of white middle-class people sitting around the dinner table. Rockwell was inspired to do this work by a State of the Union address by President Franklin Roosevelt. The artist also painted three other works as part of the Four Freedoms series, including Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship and Freedom from Fear. At the time, America was involved in World War II; the painting was intended to demonstrate that despite the difficulties the country was facing, traditional American family values were still highly important. 

    Today, Galieote pays homage to the Rockwell painting by putting a present-day spin on the age-old masterpiece. His version is one that we can relate to today, which reflects the rich diversity in America. The image incorporates a diverse group of people sitting around the dinner table. 

    “It was such an honor to receive this signed work from painter and illustrator Danny Galieote,” said Michael Clark, Principal at Rockwell Elementary. “We are working hard to foster and maintain a schoolhouse that reflects our students, families and staff. When I saw this piece, it stopped me in my tracks, in part because of its beauty and also for what it represents. As I shared with Danny, if Norman Rockwell had visited Redmond and our school community, this is what he would have painted.”   

    Galieote’s painting, Freedom From Want, is now on display in the main hall of Rockwell Elementary.