Newbery winning author visits with students at Juanita Elementary

    Juanita Elementary visit from Kirby Larson

    It is not every day you get an award-winning author to visit your elementary school. Students at Juanita Elementary School were lucky enough to meet with Kirby Larson on November 7. Larson has written more than 20 children’s books. One of those includes “Hattie Big Sky,” a book Larson won the Newbery Honor Award for writing. Larson spent the morning talking with students about her book from 2009 titled “Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle.” The book is about an Iraqi war dog who was raised in the wild whose life changed when he met a marine. She talked about how she came up with the idea to write the book and the process of storytelling. Some lucky students even got their books signed by Larson.