Mann student wins first place at sport stacking national competition

Mann student wins first place at sport stacking national competition
Belen Mendoza Molina Mann Elementary

Belen Mendoza Molina had the best all-around score in the nation for her age group in competitive sport stacking. A student from Horace Mann Elementary, she ranked number one in the nation overall at the live-streamed competition and ranked seventh in the nation for all age groups in the all-around female division. 

The World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) sanctioned Let’s Get Stacking competition took place on January 9. Categories for the competition included individual, doubles and relay. Many of the best “Speed Stackers” in the nation competed in this event. 

Competitive sport stacking is all about speed. Students are tasked with building up and breaking down a series of cups that forms a six-cup pyramid along with two, three-cup pyramids. The cycle includes 40 separate hand movements. Mastery of hand-eye coordination is essential for success. The race is primarily against the clock. It stops once both hands of the student have been placed down on the electronic stack mat.  

Sport stacking started as a casual game at a Boys and Girls Club in Oceanside, California in 1981. More than 30 years later, the growing sport has been part of the physical education curriculum at thousands of schools across the United States.  

To watch the competition, visit the WSSA YouTube channel:  

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