International Night at Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary Brings  History, Food and Performances to Campus

    Wilder International Night

    As the sun sets over Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary, the school awakens to a vibrant International Night. In early November, students and families filled the school to mingle and explore the diverse community at Wilder. The event showcased an array of cultural displays as students and parents dished out the most popular cuisines and desserts from their country of origin to sample from. Performances and demonstrations were another highlight from the evening. As part of the grand finale, the event ended with a parade where students took the stage in their country’s traditional clothing. 

    Lake Washington School District (LWSD) recognizes it is essential to achieve an environment where all students feel welcomed with opportunities to succeed and grow. To achieve this, LWSD is committed to broadening students’ multicultural awareness and teach them how to be open-minded and empathetic. Teachers and staff make it their mission to help students and their families see themselves within our schools. In addition, LWSD provides training to staff members to equip them with the knowledge and resources to serve students from different backgrounds and with different needs. 

    LWSD offers many multicultural events, activities and clubs throughout the school year. To learn how you can get involved, contact your local school.