Families take to the sidewalk for Walk to School Day

    One boys drinks cocoa while another eats a doughnut after walking to schoolSeveral schools in Lake Washington School District participated in Walk to School Day with activities throughout the week.

    On Tuesday, the Rose Hill Elementary PTSA greeted students and families who walked and biked to school. Walk to School Day participants enjoyed hot cocoa and doughnuts outside the school’s main entrance. A raccoon, the school’s mascot, and Ped the Safety Bee mascot high-fived walkers and bikers and took photos. Students also created a walking map by placing a pushpin at the location of where their morning walks began.

    A student and her dad take a photo with Blitz the SeahawkAt Einstein Elementary School on Wednesday, Blitz the Seahawk posed for photos and gave high-fives to arriving students. The City of Redmond and PTSA volunteers handed out blinking safety lights. Redmond Chief of Police Kristi Wilson greeted students and answered questions about what it’s like to be a police officer.

    Three Bell Elementar students walk to school with their dadBell Elementary School has had activities for students all week. One activity was Walk to School Week Bingo. Participants could look for common items like fire hydrants and crossing signs. Walkers and bikers also earned a necklace charm each day they participated.

    Redmond Elementary teachers give out safety blinkersRedmond Elementary School is participating in the SchoolPool program during the month of October. Students keep track of their non-drive trips (walk, bike, bus or carpool) to earn money for the school’s PTSA and a reward for the students. The program is organized by the City of Redmond. Teachers kicked off the program on Wednesday by handing out safety blinkers to participating students. The school has earned the full SchoolPool grant two years in a row and is hoping for a third this year.