September 8, 2021: Pathway Forward

Dear LWSD Staff and Families, 

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) and Lake Washington Education Association (LWEA) have come to an agreement on how to provide instructional support to students who are required to quarantine due to being positive for COVID-19 or for being identified as a "close contact" of another individual that is positive for COVID-19. Effective September 8, students who are absent between 2-12 school days due to quarantine can access learning remotely through Microsoft Classroom Teams. This agreement ensures that students will have resources they need to stay on track with their classmates.  

Some of the following terms between LWSD and LWEA are laid out in the agreement: 

  • Classroom teachers must share learning expectations and plans for the week with students and families via Classroom Teams.  
  • A weekly plan for students should include required assignments and assessments, with any associated due dates, and may include links to resources. 
  • Classroom teachers will make daily Instruction accessible to students who are required to quarantine via Classroom Teams. This daily instruction: 
    • includes opportunities for students to observe classroom instruction via Classroom Teams 
    • may also include the use of Classroom Teams to provide students the opportunity for participation concurrently in classroom-based activities, group work, discussions and assignments 
  • A schedule for observing daily classroom instruction will be provided to students and families in the weekly learning plan. 
  • At a minimum, time scheduled for students to observe via Classroom Teams should include opportunities to observe Instruction in which all students are participating. 
  • Teachers have the discretion to modify or excuse assignments or assessments if they cannot be replicated outside of the class. 
  • Teachers will not be required to use Classroom Teams to provide opportunities for students to observe classroom Instruction for absences that are not related to COVID quarantines but may choose to do so. 

In addition, special education services will be maintained according to the student’s Instructional Education Plan (IEP) either through Teams, with paraeducator support or by providing learning materials for the student.  

We are thankful to LWEA for their support during this process so that we can provide multiple options for our students during this challenging time.  


Dr. Jon Holmen 
Lake Washington School District