Pathway Forward Update – March 4, 2022

Dear LWSD Staff and Families:

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) continues to plan for the changes to statewide masking requirements that are scheduled to begin on March 12. Early next week, our schools will receive guidance from the district office about how to talk about the changes to masking with students. While LWSD awaits guidance from the Washington State Department of Health that is anticipated early next week, we wanted to share a couple of items with our staff and families.

Mask options

Mask Expectations
We strongly recommend that you talk with your students about your family’s expectations for mask-wearing prior to March 12. Some families may choose to share their preference for masking with school staff, however, families should be aware that school staff and teachers will not notify or remind students of their family’s preference. School staff and teachers will also not separate students based on their individual choice to mask or not mask. 

There may be some specific scenarios where people are expected to mask. We are waiting for further guidance from the Department of Health next week.

Student Vaccination Rates
We are often asked for data around vaccination rates for our student population. For this, we rely on the Seattle | King County Public Health data, available on their website:

Online School
As we move forward this spring, we want you to know that the Online School will have limited enrollment. Many students have moved from the Online School back to their neighborhood school at the end of the first quarter and again at the end of the second quarter this year. As a result, we have moved staff from the Online School back to neighborhood schools to support the shift in student enrollment. We will shift students one more time at the end of the third quarter and we will adjust the staffing from the Online School to neighborhood schools to support the shift in student enrollment. Because there is a finite number of staff remaining in the Online School, the number of available spaces for enrollment is limited.

I want to recognize the emotion that is involved with these changes. Navigating the pandemic over the last two years has brought many changes which have all been uniquely challenging. Next week, we will provide communication regarding the Department of Health school guidance, LWSD continued layered mitigation and other important topics. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we await additional guidance from the Washington State Department of Health.



Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent
Lake Washington School District