October 26, 2020

Dear LWSD Families and Staff, 

As a District, we continue to monitor our health and safety data as we continue our work to be prepared for returning students to in-person learning when conditions allow. We continue to work to refine remote learning as we know this is not the ideal location for the majority of students or staff to learn or teach. The survey that will be released to staff and families next week will seek information related to remote learning similar to information that students provided in a survey this month. Our goal is to make remote learning as beneficial as possible and provide necessary adjustments based on feedback. 

We are continuing to evaluate our next steps so that we can be definitive in our plans moving forward. We are aware of school districts across the state and the varied implementation of in-person and remote options for students. We are also aware of the announcements that a number of districts have made regionally. It should be noted that each district has a set of unique variables and conditions affecting decision making. It is also important to note that Lake Washington School District falls under the jurisdiction of Washington Department of Health and King County Public Health which is where we receive our guidance on decisions and next steps related to health and safety. 

Key Messages

  • Lake Washington continues to be designated as a High-Risk District per Washington Department of Health Decision Tree
  • The District is continuing active preparation for in-person learning.  
  • A Process for Transition model provides additional details about moving from remote learning for all students to remote and in-person learning for a full grade level.  
  • The district is planning to replace 5,800 elementary laptops due to underperformance during remote learning. 

Current Health and Safety Data
King County schools continue to be listed as high-risk per the Washington Department of Health Decision Tree. These data help us in our planning to know when conditions are such that we can begin to bring back students for in-person learning. 

King County Public Health Data

Transmission Rate:  
King County Public Health targets a transmission rate less than 1.0 to slow the spread of COVID-19.  

  • Current transmission rate in King County is at 1.3 (reported 10/21/20).

Cases per 100,000 residents:   
King County Public Health targets cases per 100,000 to be under 25. The Decision Tree places districts in the high-risk category when they have cases over 75 per 100,000 residents over the last 14 days.  

  • Currently, King County has 93 cases per 100,000 residents over the last 14 days (reported 10/23/20).  

Process for Transition
The graphic below highlights the steps that are involved in transitioning from remote learning to in-person learning. In preparation for future transition, we are currently developing possible classroom configurations that meet health and safety requirements. Depending on when a transition occurs, the timeline below may be slightly modified. Providing time between announcement and implementation affords students, staff and families the necessary time to develop plans and accommodations based on a change in schedule. 

Decision graphic

Technology Update: Plan to Replace Under-Performing Student Laptops  
Review of technology support incidents, community feedback, and ongoing evaluation and testing of student laptop performance signified the need to replace 5,800 Hewlett Packard G1 and G2 devices currently in use by elementary students. This week, a purchase order was placed to replace the Hewlett Packard G1 and G2 devices with the Dell 3190 laptop. The Dell 3190 laptop is the same model purchased last spring and currently in use by our 6th and 9th graders. This laptop has digital inking capabilities and is lighter weight than the older models and is proven to run district curriculum and Microsoft 365 applications very well. The district was able to procure these devices under its previous lower cost RFP price. The new laptops will begin to arrive mid-December and shipments will continue to arrive in waves through the first week of January 2021. Schools will communicate with families regarding the exchange process once the new laptops are ready for pick up.  
Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback related to these efforts.


Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent
Lake Washington School District