LWSD awarded $127,531 in grants to increase energy efficiency

WA State Dept of Commerce

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is receiving $127,531 from the Washington State Department of Commerce. The grant funds will help replace HVAC controls at five elementary schools, retrofit athletic field lighting at LWSD’s four comprehensive high schools and install heat pumps at the LWSD Support Services Center.
The Department of Commerce announced the grants on May 20, 2021 as part of $4 million in awards to make community buildings more efficient. In its news release, the agency says the grants will “save taxpayer dollars by retrofitting schools, hospitals and municipal facilities and upgrading heating, cooling and lighting systems to reduce energy consumption.”
The following elementary schools will receive new HVAC controls, which will make it more efficient to provide LWSD students and staff with a comfortable and healthy learning environment: Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary, Albert Einstein Elementary, Emily Dickinson Elementary, Redmond Elementary, and Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary.
Athletic field lighting will be converted to LEDs to decrease maintenance costs and energy usage while improving light quality.
The competitively scored grant process prioritized projects with the highest projected savings in both energy and operational costs, as well as matching funds provided by applicants. In addition to the grant funding, LWSD will use funds from the 2018 Capital Projects Levy, a four-year levy that provides funding for technology systems and facility upgrades. These projects contribute to district efforts to reduce operating costs while improving the performance and sustainability of district facilities.