JHS students spend time in Phase 2 classrooms for the first time

During a recent lab in Greg Shelton’s material science class at Juanita High School, students turned borax and wires into glass using fire. One student admired the resulting designs and colors of the glass balls at the end of the copper and nichrome wires.

JHS Phase 2, which marked the completion of the rebuild and enlarge project, opened in Fall 2020. Phase 2 includes Career and Technical Education (CTE) classrooms in addition to general classrooms. Students had a chance to utilize these new classrooms for the first time this spring as part of in-person learning.

The material science class combines scientific theories and practical applications of technology to help students solve problems. Shelton used two different cameras to make sure students who were doing the lab at home would be able to see the demonstration. Students used their observations to answer questions about the properties of glass.