LWSD recommends redirecting levy funds to build additions and modify core space at Eastlake and Redmond high schools

LWSD recommends redirecting levy funds to build additions and modify core space at Eastlake and Redmond high schools

Creates permanent space for 600 high school students on the east side of the district

Redmond, Wash. – Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has proposed redirecting levy funds from the 2022 Building Excellence Construction Levy. LWSD will hold on construction at Site 59 in Sammamish and will redirect these funds to build additions at Eastlake High School and Redmond High School. This will add 24 permanent classrooms between the two schools and will modify core space such as commons and hallways at each of the schools. These funds were originally planned to be used to add high school capacity on the east side of the district.  

The addition of 12 classrooms at Eastlake High School and Redmond High School provides each school with up to 300-student permanent capacity, at a lower cost than the anticipated Site 59 budget. Core space modifications will create space for students to move throughout the building, eat lunch and congregate. The additions and core space modifications will be completed in the same timeline as the revised Site 59 construction plan.

“Lake Washington School District has been responding to critical capacity needs for over a decade. The addition of classrooms and core space at Eastlake and Redmond provides for the immediate needs while we develop a plan for high school enrollment in the long term. Studying all aspects of a fifth comprehensive high school and other strategies will be part of our work over the next 12 months. Our commitment to excellence in education is to our current and future students,” said Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent. Please see Dr. Holmen’s statement from the March 25, 2024 Board Meeting regarding high school enrollment and future planning.
District staff shared this proposal with the School Board at their Extended Study Session in mid-March. A formal proposal was presented at the School Board meeting on March 25, 2024. The School Board will vote on this proposal at their next meeting on Monday, April 15, 2024 at 7 p.m.

Planning for the 2022 Building Excellence Construction Levy began in 2019 and was finalized in 2021. The Building Excellence plan was developed with assumptions around capacity needs and enrollment that were changed and impacted by the pandemics. Our recommendations to redirect funds are made to be responsible for the current situation and emerging needs.

LWSD works with a company called FloAnalytics to prepare our long-range enrollment projections. See the full enrollment forecast report from FloAnalytics here.

What happened to Site 59 in Sammamish?
Planning for construction has been occurring since Fall 2022. Permitting requirements would delay this project by one year and unanticipated costs for right-of-way improvements required by the City of Sammamish caused this project to exceed its budget. Throughout the fall, LWSD spent time planning for the education program for Site 59. Many community members contributed their voice in discussions around what type of educational program would work best for Site 59. Some of the options discussed included creating a choice high school campus or making Site 59 into a ninth-grade campus for students at Eastlake. 

In addition, there was no clear preferred option for educational programming to meet desired capacity relief for Eastlake High School and Redmond High School. For these reasons, building at Site 59 is being put on hold.

Thank you for providing your voice!
We want to sincerely thank all our community members who took the time to provide their input into this process. This includes staff, students, parents and community members. 

What else is included in the additional capacity projects at Eastlake and Redmond High Schools?
The LWSD Capital Projects team will study additional options for core space modifications at Eastlake High School and Redmond High School. Core space could include restrooms, hallways, commons areas and more.  Additionally, the capacity increases at Eastlake and Redmond from the additions may be reduced as previously modified spaces are returned to their original and intended uses. 

About Resolution 2365
While the original levy resolutions allow funds to be used on any capital project, given the elimination of one project, and replacing it with another, this is being brought for board action.  Resolution 2365, redirecting construction levy funds, will be placed on the April 15, 2024 agenda for board action. 

How can I learn more? 
Associate Superintendent Barbara Posthumus and Deputy Superintendent Scott Beebe shared a presentation on Resolution 2365 at the March 25 School Board meeting. 

How can I share my comments on this proposal? 
The public is invited to share their comments about this proposal with the District at communications@lwsd.org or the School Board by emailing boardmembers@lwsd.org.


About Lake Washington: Lake Washington School District is a high-performing public school district serving Kirkland, Redmond, and Sammamish, Washington. It is the second-largest district in the state of Washington, with over 30,000 students in 56 schools. 

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