One of just 50 schools across the country with this distinction

Redmond, Wash. – Ella Baker Elementary in Redmond has been recognized as a National School of Character. This is the first time a school from Washington state has been recognized with this award. The recognition comes from, an organization dedicated to empowering people of all ages to practice and model core values.

Redmond, Wash. – Every ten years, after each U.S. Census is completed, school districts must review the boundaries of their board of director districts to ensure equitable geographic representation. Lake Washington School District is divided into five geographic regions or districts, one for each board seat. Candidates for school board must run for the seat of the director district they live in.



    Sixty-six LWSD students named National Merit Semifinalists

    The most ever for Lake Washington School District

    Redmond, Wash. – Sixty-six Lake Washington School District (LWSD) high school seniors have been named semifinalists in the 67th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. That is the most ever for LWSD. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced the semifinalists yesterday.

    Sixteen thousand high school seniors nationwide qualified. About 15,000 semifinalists are expected to advance to the Finalist level. More than half will win a National Merit Scholarship. These students will be able to continue in the competition for 7,500 National Merit Scholarships, worth nearly $30 million.

    Students qualified for these awards by completing the 2020 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The semifinalists include the highest scoring students in each state. The semifinalists represent less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors.

    Lake Washington School District National Merit Semifinalists*:

    Eastlake High School

    • Anika Arugunta (Sammamish)
    • Anjana Begur (Redmond)
    • Abhimanyu R. Bondre (Sammamish)
    • Aadi S. Dalia (Sammamish)
    • Medhy Goel (Sammamish)
    • Ryan Huang (Sammamish)
    • Jaeden D. Kapur (Sammamish)
    • Preksha Mittal (Sammamish)
    • Natasha S. Murugan (Sammamish)
    • Suhani Nog (Sammamish)
    • Hayden J. Rundle (Sammamish)
    • Sheshank Shankar (Sammamish)
    • Kseniya Tokareva (Sammamish)
    • Christine X. Ye (Sammamish)

    International Community School

    • Kaylee L. Allen (Kirkland)
    • Hoda Ayad (Redmond)
    • Kristian S. Bridgeb (Kirkland)
    • Sophia I. Dettweiler (Bellevue)
    • Jasmine T. Herri (Sammamish)
    • Julia G. Lee (Sammamish)
    • Anna Nguyen (Redmond)
    • Benjamin T. Yu (Redmond)

    Juanita High School

    • Dhruv Ashok (Kirkland)
    • Ron Dubinsky (Woodinville)
    • Esther M. Liu (Kirkland)
    • Ivan Maykov (Kirkland)
    • Anaya Pandit (Kirkland)

    Lake Washington High School

    • Helena A. Kaikkonen (Redmond)
    • Maria E. Strathy (Redmond)

    Redmond High School

    • Maya W. Adelman (Redmond)
    • Sayan Bhatia (Redmond)
    • Saidhruv Chittamuri (Redmond)
    • Krish Jain (Redmond)
    • Ronak Jaisalmeria (Redmond)
    • Conor Kennedy (Redmond)
    • Siya Kulkarni (Redmond)
    • Ana A. Letca (Redmond)
    • Carmen Lopez-Munoz (Redmond)
    • Conan Lu (Redmond)
    • Jason Miller (Redmond)
    • Brianna J. Odle (Redmond)
    • Anish M. Pal (Redmond)
    • Sahana Sateesh (Redmond)
    • Sameeksha Sharma (Redmond)
    • Dhruv K. Srinivasan (Redmond)
    • Cindy X. Su (Redmond)
    • Christopher M. Wang (Redmond)
    • Everett W. Wang (Redmond)
    • Maximilian Y. Wang (Redmond)
    • Andrea Y. Wu (Redmond)
    • Eric Zhou (Redmond)
    • David S. Zhu (Redmond)


    Nikola Tesla STEM High School

    • Ryan W. Chan (Kirkland)
    • Saketh Dhulipalla (Sammamish)
    • Shivank Dutt (Redmond)
    • Jennifer Hu (Sammamish)
    • Rohan Iyer (Woodinville)
    • Evan F. Li (Redmond)
    • Yuchen Li (Sammamish)
    • Julia Z. Liu (Redmond)
    • Gavin R. Pai (Kirkland)
    • Alexander Potra (Redmond)
    • Aaditya V. Prasad (Sammamish)
    • Pauline Saveliev (Redmond)
    • Maxwell J. Soh (Redmond)
    • Catherine Yu (Kirkland)

    * Note: Photos available on request.