LWSD recognizes throughout the pandemic, there have been subtle and overt acts of hatred and violence towards our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Our AAPI communities have contributed to our diverse community in meaningful ways. We condemn the acts of violence and hatred that have been perpetrated against our Asian communities and have cast a sense of fear among APPI community. As a school district, we stand in solidarity with our Asian communities.


Lake Washington School District jointly with the Lake Washington Education Association are releasing pertinent information and details related to secondary educational offerings for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.  

The District and Association have a shared agreement that secondary students need to be offered access to in-person experiences. Dr. Holmen stated, “We need to ensure that any secondary student who wants an in-person experience is afforded that opportunity.” He went on to say, “Our adolescent youth are experiencing this pandemic in many different ways. We need to be responsive to those needs and be creative in how we address the varying needs across our district.” 


Lake Washington School District jointly with Lake Washington Education Association are excited to release pertinent details for the second through fifth grades elementary learning model transition to in-person or continued remote learning services. We happily welcomed kindergarten and first grade on February 18. Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent stated, “We appreciate the partnership with all stakeholders to successfully transition our Kindergarten and First grade students to their new learning models. We are grateful to be able to provide both in-person and remote learning services for our students.” Dr. Holmen went on to say, “As a District we continue to be committed to the highest of health and safety standards for our students and staff.”



    Juanita High School Students Vote on New Mascot

    Redmond, Wash. – Juanita High School students voted for their new high school mascot on December 1. Juanita High School will now be known as the Juanita High School “Ravens”. This change was announced to students late yesterday evening. Juanita becomes only the second public school in the state to have “Ravens” as its mascot.

    The Ravens mascot was selected after a process where students, staff and community members identified the characteristics and values they would like to see reflected in the new mascot. Characteristics such as uniqueness, strength, pride, power, respectful, inclusiveness, and togetherness were identified to help students select a mascot befitting the culture of the school. Ravens are known for being strong, inquisitive, graceful and powerful; many of the characteristics that students, staff and community members identified for the new JHS mascot.

    Following the removal of the JHS mascot in July 2020, JHS Principal Kelly Clapp has led a process to select a new mascot for the school. They used the “Naming Facilities and Mascots” procedure outlined on the LWSD website here:

    The committee used the top values identified earlier in addition to District policies to narrow down the choices for the student vote. The school then held two votes: a semi-finalist vote with four options and a final vote between the top two mascots. 

    The steps in the mascot selection process are outlined below:

    1. Principal meets with prospective or current students of the school to explain criteria and procedure.
    2. Students nominate school names and mascots that meet specific guidelines.
    3. Committee of parents, staff, and students (if secondary) pare list down to 6-8 names that meet approved guidelines. If proposed name for school is that of a person, approval from the person's family/estate is sought.
    4. Names/mascots are presented to the Superintendent for evaluation and review. 
    5. A ballot is developed based on the names/mascots approved by the Superintendent; each student shall receive one ballot. Ballots must be submitted by a specified due date in order to count.
    6. The naming committee counts ballots and determines winning name/mascot. If winning name is that of a person, the person's family/estate is contacted. The district must obtain written confirmation of permission to use a person's name.
    7. Name is presented to the Superintendent for approval.

    The school will now work on a new logo and graphics to accompany their new mascot.


    About Lake Washington: Lake Washington School District is a high-performing, fast-growing public school district serving Kirkland, Redmond, and Sammamish, Washington. It is the second largest district in the state of Washington, with over 30,000 students in 56 schools.