Transportation Update – January 7, 2022

Dear LWSD Families:

Lake Washington School District continues to experience bus driver shortages due to COVID. As a result, we are unable to cover all our routes this afternoon and other buses will be running late. The Transportation Department will communicate with families of students whose routes will be affected today.  We are requesting that families who receive notice that their child’s bus route is impacted pick their child up from school. If families are not able to pick their child up, please know that we will bring a bus back to the school to provide that service although your student will be required to wait at the school between 30-60 minutes. Students waiting at school will have appropriate adult supervision. 

I have asked our Transportation Department to develop an emergency route plan. The emergency plan would require reductions to the current level of service and would be put in place should our staffing shortage reach a point where we are unable to implement the current level of service. While this is not ideal and is difficult news to receive, I wanted to be transparent with you regarding this emergent situation as it could alter your student’s morning and afternoon routines.

We will provide more information later next week. As this work is ongoing, we will continue to implement the current strategies to respond to the staffing shortage.

Thank you for your understanding and partnership as we work to keep our schools open for our students.


Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent
Lake Washington School District