LWHS Dance Team

Dance teams from Eastlake High School (EHS), Lake Washington High School (LWHS) and Redmond High School (RHS) scored high marks at a December dance competition.



    Education Support Professionals Week 2019

    Education Support Professionals week March 11-15. Thank you for all that you do for LWSD!

    There are over 1,250 education support professionals at LWSD. Below is just a sampling of what they do:

    • School office staff
    • Bus drivers and other transportation staff
    • School nurses
    • Maintenance personnel
    • Business office staff
    • Paraeducators
    • Nutrition services personnel
    • Instructional assistants
    • Technology staff
    • School security

    Take a moment to thank one of these individuals who work hard to support student learning.

    Read about some of the LWSD education support professionals below. More stories will be added throughout the week.