SpaceX STEM Professionals at Tesla STEM

150 Tesla STEM scholars attended a panel discussion and presentation with five female SpaceX STEM professionals. Each professional told the story of her pathway to STEM fields and ultimately to SpaceX.



Skilled & Technical Sciences Program

Careers in this program are related to the humanities, technical sciences, public safety, and performing, visual, literary, and media arts. These may include:

  • A/V technology
  • Automotive repair
  • Film
  • Firefighting
  • Forensics
  • Journalism
  • Law enforcement
  • Performing arts
  • Telecommunications
  • Visual arts

WANIC students in Fire Fighting program in full fire fighing gearIs this Pathway for you?

  • Are you able to communicate your ideas to diverse audiences?
  • Are you passionate enough to overcome obstacles?
  • Do ideas inspire you to create?
  • Do you enjoy creating, inventing or imagining new and different ways to do different things?
  • Do you find multiple ways to express your creativity?
  • Do you enjoy drawing, performing or writing stories?
  • Are you interested in technology and its ongoing innovation?
  • Does the idea of working in or being a part of a community that creates excite you?

Program Information

LWSD Elective Recommendations

  • A/V Technology & Film Career Pathway
    • Advanced Digital Media
    • Digital Photography
    • Digital Media
    • Film Analysis
    • Video Production*
    • DigiPen Music Engineering & Sound Design (WANIC)
    • Radio Broadcasting Technology (WANIC)
  • Law Enforcement Services Pathway
    • Forensic Science*
    • C.E.R.T.: Community Emergency Response Team
    • Fire & EMS – 1st Year (WANIC)
    • Fire & EMS – 2nd Year (WANIC)
  • Legal Services Pathway
    • Criminal Justice
  • Performing Arts Career Pathway
    • Lighting/Sound/Costume/Scenic Production
    • Technical Theater*

  • Printing Technology Career Pathway
    • Yearbook*
  • Transportation Operations Pathway
    • Automotive Technology (WANIC)
  • Visual Arts Career Pathway
    • Advertising
    • Digital Design*
    • Digital Graphics*
    • AP® Studio Art
    • Applied Photography*
    • Photography*
    • Graphic Production*
    • Studio Art
    • DigiPen Art & Animation (WANIC)
    • DigiPen Art & Animation (AP) (WANIC)
    • Media Production (WANIC)
    • Media Production (Video, TV & Film) (WANIC)
    • Digital Media Academy (WANIC)
    • Graphic Design & Production Studio (WANIC)
* These Courses qualify for CTE Dual Credit

Connecting Career Pathways through Student Leadership

CTSO Options

  • HOSA
  • TSA

Local Leadership Opportunities

  • Art Walks
  • Girls Who Code
  • Healthcare Pathway Night
  • Hunt the Wumpus
  • Imagine Tomorrow
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Mock Trials
  • National Art Honor Society
  • Photography Club
  • Science Bowl
  • Teen CEO
  • Verizon App Challenge

    Possible Careers to Explore

    • Advertising, Promotions, & Marketing Managers
    • Auto Mechanic
    • Correctional Officer
    • Costume Designer
    • Curator of Gallery Manager
    • Emergency Dispatcher
    • Fire Fighter
    • Marketing Manager
    • Radio Broadcaster
    • Sales Representative
    • Stage Designer
    • Textile Designer
    • Video or Web Producer
    • And more

    Skilled and Technical Sciences Program of Study by High School

    CTE Program logo: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

    CTE Program logo: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

    CTE Program logo: Transportation, Distribution & Logistics