LWHS capitol visit SB 5171

Students in Lake Washington High School’s AP US Government & Politics classes get first-hand experience in the legislative process. As part of the class, students crafted Senate Bill (SB) 5171, which bans gender-based price discrimination on similar products

Meritorious Budget Award

Award reflects District’s goal of fiscal responsibility

Redmond, Wash. – Lake Washington School District’s (LWSD’s) 2022-23 Budget has earned the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) Meritorious Budget Award (MBA). This award promotes and recognizes excellence in budget presentation in school districts. LWSD has received this award six years in a row. LWSD is the only district in the state of Washington to receive this award.

Last day of school remains Friday, June 23

Redmond, Wash. – Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has finalized plans to make up for the one day missed due to the November 30 snow day. The 2022-23 calendar has been modified to reflect this change:  

  • Tuesday, May 30: change from a non-school day to a full day for students



    Athletic/Activities Conduct Code

    Lake Washington School District holds high expectations for its student athletes

    As members of a high school team or WIAA sponsored activity that represents the Lake Washington School District, students are expected to make a strong personal commitment to rules of training and conduct in order to maintain a strong, healthy body and represent their school in an exemplary fashion. To that end, the following rules apply to all students participating in interscholastic athletics/activities or attending a team related activity such as out-of-season camps or tournaments. These rules will apply at all times throughout the school year, which is defined as beginning with fall tryouts to the last day of school and includes any summer team related activities and will remain in effect for one calendar year from date of signature.

    Illegal Controlled Substances, Alcohol, Legend drugs and Controlled Substances
    Penalties for the possession, use or sale of legend drugs (drugs obtained through prescription, RCW 69.41.020-050) and controlled substances (RCW 69.50) shall be as follows:

    1st Violation: A participant in possession and/or use of a controlled substance, and/or "legend drugs" including anabolic steroids, alcoholic beverages shall be immediately ineligible for interscholastic competition in the current interscholastic sports program for the remainder of the season. This also includes attending and/or remaining at an event where consumption any of the above mentioned substances by a minor(s) occurs. Ineligibility shall continue into the next sports season in which the participant wishes to participate. In order to be eligible to participate in the next interscholastic sports season, the student athlete shall meet with the school authorities. The school principal shall have the final authority as to the student athlete's participation in the interscholastic sports program. A participant who seeks and/or receives help for a problem with use of legend drugs (RCW 69.41.010 identified substances) or controlled substances and controlled substance analogs (RCW 69.50.101 identified substances) shall be given the opportunity for assistance though the school and/or community agencies. In no instance shall participation in a school and/or community approved assistance program excuse a student athlete from subsequent compliance with this regulation. However, successful utilization of such an opportunity or compliance with athletic code by the student athlete may allow him/her to have eligibility re-instated in the athletic program, after a minimum two week suspension from competition and pending a recommendation by the school eligibility authority. Athletes may attend practices with Principal/Athletic Director approval but may not attend contests during the suspension period.

    2nd Violation: A participant who again violates any provision of RCW 69.41.020 through 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of the second violation.

    3rd Violation: A participant who violates for a third time RCW 69.41.0202 - 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be permanently ineligible for interscholastic competition.

    Sale and/or Distribution Per Lake Washington School District Policy the sale and/or distribution of alcohol or prescription or non-prescription drugs will result in the student automatically being placed on Step #2 of the Athletic/Activity Code.

    Tobacco Products, Chemicals or Devices (e-cigarettes, vaporizers, cigarettes, chew, etc.)

    1st Violation: The possession and / or use of tobacco products or chemicals, devices (e.g. e-cigarettes, electronic hookahs, vaporizers, etc.), or any other product that has a similar flavor or physical effect of nicotine substances will result in: 1. The student shall be suspended for a minimum of one week of competition. 2. The attendance of a cessation class will be mandatory.

    2nd Violation: 1. The student shall be suspended for ten weeks of competition. If there is not ten weeks left in the current season the suspension will carry over to the next competitive season in which they are a returning athlete. 2. Before an athlete can again represent LWSD in athletics they must provide evidence of successfully completing a nicotine treatment program and proof that they have discontinued the use of tobacco products.

    3rd Violation: A student athlete who violates for a third time shall be permanently prohibited from participating in any WIAA member school athletic program or activity.

    Conduct Rules

    Students who commit unlawful acts or engage in delinquent behavior may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the team. All LWSD athletes are expected to adhere to all LWSD policies as explained in each school's Student/Parent Handbook. In addition to these general rules, coaches may establish other team expectations specific to their program.

    Hazing Rituals

    Hazing will not be tolerated in any form and is never to be part of our program. Acts of hazing can escalate to the point that the students participating are at risk. It is also quite possible that many acts of hazing will result in legal action being taken against the coach, advisor, student group leader, administration or the school district.

    Any student who participates willingly in a hazing ritual is subject to disciplinary action, including suspension from school or the team or both, and possible legal action dependent on the severity of the incident.

    Any student-athlete who observes and does not attempt to stop or report such a violation can also be subject to disciplinary action by our school. Repeated acts of hazing can result in further school action and permanent suspension from athletics.

    Examples of Acts That Are Considered Hazing Rituals and questions to ask yourself (Am I hazing?)

    Questions for team leaders to reflect on: " Have all the participants, their parents and the coach been notified prior to the event? Generally hazing is a surprise. " Would you be comfortable telling your coach, parents, and school administration about the plans prior to the event? If you are not willing to share, you are treading into dangerous territory. " Does the entirety of the team/group participate equally, or are new members singled out? If new members are singled out for demeaning treatment, they are being hazed. " Do juniors and seniors do anything that is unpleasant, or weird to freshman/sophomores? If the answer is yes, the new members of the team are being hazed. " Are any group members violating the law or breaking school district policy? If the answer is yes STOP the activity.

    Examples of hazing (this is not an all inclusive list): " Assigning pranks such as stealing, painting, breaking the law objects or harassment of other groups. " Modifying one's appearance with unusual haircuts, shaving, unusual clothing, tattoos or skin markings." Forcing public acts of general buffoonery. "Smearing unusual or disgusting substances on the skin. " Consumption or the threat of consumption of undesirable foods and/or liquids. " Apparel that is embarrassing, lewd or interferes with the educational atmosphere. " Playing games where the loser must perform embarrassing acts. " Agreeing to do demeaning tasks for others (servitude). " Spanking, swatting or hitting with great force. " Throwing in the shower, dousing, powdering or dumping in the toilet or urinal. " Requiring acceptance of verbal abuse and/or name-calling. " Sitting or standing in uncomfortable positions. " Pushing, shoving or tackling team members under orders from others. " Any tests of emotional stability. " Disruption of sleep. " Spreading false rumors. " Any process that unnecessarily produces mental anguish.

    Initiation ceremonies and rituals are different from hazing rituals in that they are positive, open, and public events. Initiation ceremonies welcome new members to a team or group, promote bonding and orientation to the purpose, culture, and expectations of the team, club, or group. The coach, advisor and parents are informed of the ceremony and are invited to participate.

    Revised/reviewed 2/2016

    Printable version of the Athletic/Activities Conduct Code

    Eastlake High School fastpitch softball player fields the ball during a game

    District Athletic Contacts

    John Appelgate
    Director of Athletics & Activities

    Lance Gatter
    Coordinator, Athletics & Activities

    Cathryn Brown
    Administrative Assistant

    Debbie Chavez
    LWSD Transportation
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