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Welcome to LWSD Athletics!

The primary purpose of our secondary schools is to academically prepare students for graduation so they become productive community members. However, Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is aware of the important role interscholastic athletics play in the development of students. Therefore, scholastic incentives have been established and are enforced for the educational and personal welfare of students who participate in athletics.

Information students need to participate in LWSD athletic programs

As members of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), LWSD must follow all standards set by WIAA. Academic eligibility standards, as outlined in WIAA Rule 18.7.0 requires students to maintain passing grades in:

  • 3 classes in a 4-period class schedule
  • 4 classes in a 5-period class schedule
  • 5 classes in a 6-period class schedule
  • 6 classes in a 7-period class schedule
  • 7 classes in an 8-period class schedule
  • Incomplete work (I) grades have not yet met course requirements for credit. If an “incomplete” is awarded, a plan for course completion should be developed and followed. The student-athlete will not be considered to have passed the class until a credit earning grade is recorded.
  • No Credit (N) grades have not met the minimum requirement for credit.
  • Schools will monitor a student’s continued academic eligibility with periodic grade checks. Students deemed to be ineligible will be allowed to practice but not to participate in contests until eligibility status is restored.
  • For more information, see the complete LWSD Academic Eligibility Criteria.

Additionally, to be eligible to participate in any LWSD athletic program, a student must pay all fines, return all equipment/uniforms from previous sports and complete the following requirements:

Participation information for Choice School students

Students who attend one of the LWSD Choice Schools may participate in athletic programs at their resident middle school or high school.

If you have any additional questions, contact your school's Athletic Office for assistance.


District Athletic Contacts

John Appelgate
Director of Athletics & Activities

Lance Gatter
Coordinator, Athletics & Activities

Cathryn Brown
Administrative Assistant

Debbie Chavez
LWSD Transportation
425-936-1130 (weekends: 206-936-2811)