Falcon Fest

Staff at Finn Hill Middle School put a new spin on their traditional curriculum night with their first ever Falcon Fest on October 18. The event welcomed the entire Finn Hill community and featured food trucks and parent education sessions on a wide range of topics.



    Assessments and Surveys

    The Assessment Team works with other departments at LWSD in the oversight and delivery of state assessments, surveys and other assessments. Information about the assessments and surveys common across the district is provided below.

    Assessments and surveys by grade level

    First page of the PDF file: assessmentsandsurveysbygradelevel

    Additional information

    General testing accommodations for students with special needs

    As with any other aspect of education, students with special needs or disabilities should have an appropriate individual education plan (IEP) developed jointly by parents/guardians and school officials. This plan should detail appropriate instructional goals and assessments. Generally, any support or accommodation acceptable in the normal course of instruction may be used for assessments. For most assessments, supports and accommodations are set prior to computer testing, as well as paper/pencil testing, so students can practice with the correct tools to support their success. A complete list of supports and accommodations can be obtained by calling the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction at 360-725-6000.

    Parents and guardians can use assessment results to help student progress

    Parents/guardians can use assessment results as a measure of student learning and growth. Some assessments provide sample items that you can work through with your student to learn more about their learning strengths and opportunities.

    Parents/guardians play an important role in helping their students succeed on assessments. You can help keep your student’s stress level low by explaining that by learning and applying themselves at school, they are doing the best assessment preparation possible. Parents can also help by ensuring that students get plenty of rest and a hearty breakfast during school assessment windows.

    Parent refusals

    A parent may refuse to have his/her student take state assessments. However, it is not recommended. The results provide specific feedback to the student, parents/guardians, and staff regarding progress on state standards. In addition, the Smarter Balanced Assessment is one of the available graduation pathways for a student. Students must meet at least one graduation pathway in English Language Arts and mathematics to receive a high school diploma. Finally, schools are required to meet a 95% participation rate in state testing for federal accountability purposes. A parent refusal form is available at each school.