Winter Olympics – Middle School Style

While most of the world eagerly waits for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to begin tonight, LWSD middle school students are focused on a competition of their own. Inglewood, Evergreen, Finn Hill, Kamiakin and Redmond Middle Schools are competing in the Middle School Winter Olympics throughout February.



Video FAQ Series


How do I learn more about the Highly Capable Programs available to students residing in the Lake Washington School District?

Who may apply for Highly Capable services?

How many Lake Washington School District students are served by Highly Capable Programs?

When is the application period?

We don’t live in Lake Washington School District but we are thinking of moving. Can we apply?

Can we observe Highly Capable Programs?

My child attends a private school. What do I need to know?

My child is enrolled in LWSD and is in first grade. I’ve heard the process is different for students in first grade. What do I need to know?

My child resides in LWSD and attends private school as a first grade student. What do I need to know?

How do I learn more about the assessment tools used as part of the eligibility process?

When do the screening and assessments take place for Highly Capable Services?

Should my child prepare, or study, for the assessment process?

How and when will I know if my child is scheduled for assessment?

What if my child has a documented disability, health concerns, or I have another concern?

What if my child is sick and cannot take the test on the scheduled date?

What if we have a family emergency and my child cannot take the test on the scheduled date?

How are eligibility decisions made?

I had my child privately tested. Can I submit these results with the application?

Can I appeal the results of the screening or assessment?

If my child becomes eligible for services, where (and when) will those services be delivered?

Who do I contact if I still have questions?