Transfer Students

Students who transfer or are returning to Lake Washington School District and were enrolled in a highly capable or gifted program in their previous school may apply to Accelerated Programs as a transfer student. Students must reside in LWSD boundaries and must meet highly capable acceptance criteria. Transfer students are not automatically enrolled in the Highly Capable Programs. Students must be enrolled in the LWSD to apply for services. Call the Accelerated Programs office at 425-936-1238 or email at for more information about the transfer process.   

Transfer application process for elementary students 

  1. Register your student at your neighborhood LWSD school 
  2. Complete and submit a transfer form 
    • Submit proof of participation in a highly capable or gifted program (from LWSD or school last attended) or submit proof of acceptance into a highly capable or gifted program within the last six months 
    • Submit standardized achievement test results with national or international norms 
    • Submit standardized ability test results with national or international norms. Examples of accepted achievement tests include: NNAT, CogAT, WISC, RIAS, WPPSI (preschool WISC), KBIT-2, KBAC (Kauffman), Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales, Woodcock Johnson IV, Otis Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT), Iowa, MAP, Stanford Achievement Test
    • Submit Residency Verification Form with two documents listed on the Residency Checklist. 
    • Meet the LWSD eligibility criteria for admittance into the program 

Please note: additional testing may be necessary 


  • Private testing outside of the student’s school district-sanctioned testing cannot be used to substitute for district testing 
  • Only items listed above will be used to consider acceptance and placement. The following items are not considered in the review and acceptance process: 

    • Letters of recommendation (from parents, community members or teachers)
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Awards/honors
    • Competition participation
    • Report card grades
  • The transfer application must be complete with all documentation submitted before it is processed.

Notification/placement process for highly capable services 

The Accelerated Programs Office will notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student’s eligibility status after the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee (MSC) reviews the applicant’s file. If the student is not eligible, they can apply for and go through the district identification process during the next open application period.