Transfer Students

If your student was identified for or received HiCap services in their previous school district before enrolling into Lake Washington School District, they are considered a Transfer student. 

Students that were previously identified as Highly Capable in another district or state will be provided differentiation in the general education classroom and will then be reviewed for services from Accelerated Programs. 

The LWSD Highly Capable team works with the parent and the school to gather information and determine what services will best meet their academic needs.

Please note, not all students identified as needing highly capable services in their previous school district will be determined to need highly capable services in LWSD

Step 1: Complete Lake Washington School District Enrollment

  • Register your student at your neighborhood LWSD school and then email the Accelerated Programs Department at

Step 2: Provide Documentation

  1. Complete and submit a transfer form 
  2. Provide all required documents to Accelerated Programs including: 
    • HiCap identification letter and confirmation from your previous district that your student was identified for HiCap and was receiving services.
    • If your child was recently identified, submit proof of acceptance into a highly capable or gifted program within the last six months.
    • Standardized ability assessment scores used to identify student in previous district (examples: CogAT, NNAT, etc).
    • Current and most current previous school year’s standardized achievement scores. This could be Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) scores, district diagnostic reading and math assessment scores, or report card grades.
    • Submit Residency Verification Form with two documents listed on the Residency Checklist. 

Please note: Private test scores (from outside of district testing) are not accepted; additional testing may be necessary 

WAC 392-170-055 & WAC 392-170-075 permits districts to create identification criteria specific to the needs of the district’s most highly capable students.

Step 3: Wait to hear from Accelerated Programs

The transfer application must be complete with all documentation submitted before it is processed. Once a transfer file is complete, a committee will review the submitted documentation to determine which service model best fits your student’s needs.

  • We will reach out to your student’s previous district to evaluate the HiCap services received and the program components and compare those to the service options in LWSD.
  • We may request additional information about the student at this time.

You may submit an appeal if you feel the placement decision was inaccurate. The appeals process and requirements will be attached to the decision letter.  

You may also refer your student for services during the annual HiCap identification cycle according to grade level.