Middle School Quest Science Changes FAQ

This year, Lake Washington School District reviewed its Middle School Quest (MSQ) program to improve the learning experience for all students and to increase our schools’ abilities to create schedules that are responsive to student need and fiscally responsible.  
As a response to conversations and insight from our MSQ Committee, stakeholder feedback, and in collaboration with district leadership and MSQ principals, Accelerated Programs determined that a program action starting in 2023-24 will be to continue with Quest ELA, Quest math, and Quest social studies being stand-alone Quest classes, and that students in general education and Quest will be in integrated science courses.  
Our program wanted to take the opportunity to respond to questions we have been receiving from our families. The answers below are based on quantitative data, such as student enrollment, class sizes, etc., as well as qualitative data gathered from this year's MSQ stakeholder surveys. Our stakeholders were varied and included the voices of the following groups: 

  • Students (current and past in the MSQ program) 
  • Families 
  • Teachers 
  • Counselors 
  • Building administrators 
  • District administrators 

 We compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers below: